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Determination is her Forte
Posted on : 11-02-2013 - Author : Our Correspondent

In this world of competition no excuse is allowed to cover one’s failures. Determination, will power and effort are the only means to achieve success. If you want to become something, have to put effort and have to achieve the target. If one blames his conditions and did not put effort, he will never succeed in any field. Those want to achieve something has to overcome all the problems and  has to clinch the success. At the end of the day achievements matters not the problems.

There are innumerable examples for such phenomenon. From leaders of the nation to successful people the present are best examples for this. They have overcome lot of problems and have achieved the greatest things in the country. Prema Jayakumar is the latest example to the youngsters of our country. With just determination she has achieved the unenviable goal and has become icon of determination and hard work.

No one has imagined in their wildest dreams that a Tamil girl living in a shanty in a narrow street in Mumbi will become a big name in the nation. With a determined effort she made the entire country to look at her. She is Prema Jayakumar, topper of the CA final examinations.

She has topped Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in November, 2012. A daughter of Auto Driver in Mumbai, Prema achieved this feat in her very first attempt, while the best students of this country take several attempts before passing this examination. Prema secured an impressive 607 marks out of 800 while topping the list of successful candidates. The national first rank is something Prema had not imagined when she appeared for the examination. “I was sure about passing the exam. I would have been happy with that result. But the first rank was a big surprise,” she said. The 24 year Prema credited her  father Jayakumar Perumal and homemaker mother Lingammal for her success. “It would not have been possible without their support and blessings. My parents always motivated me.
I would now want my parents, who have done so much for me, to live a life of comfort,” she said. For her parents there was dual reason of Joy. Her younger brother Dhanraj also cleared the ICAI test. The siblings appeared for the Examination together. Dhanraj, who worked for some time at a call centre while completing his degree course to fund his education, said, “My sister is my hero, the source of my inspiration. She had shown  her academic potential earlier too when she scored 90 per cent marks in her Third Year B Com examination, finishing second at Mumbai University” After completing her B Com in 2008, Prema appeared for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) entrance organised by the ICAI in December 2008. In November 2009 she cleared both groups of the Integrated Professional Competence Examination (IPCE) which made her eligible for twoand- a-half years of articleship.

The stint made her eligible for her CA final.” Prema lives with her family in a 300 sq ft room in S B Khan Chawl, Malad in Mumbai. Having witnessed poverty since childhood, Prema and her Younger Brother worked with Chartered Accountancy firm Kishore Seth & Company to pay for her studies. Jayakumar Perumal, her father,moved to Mumbai 25 years ago from Periyakolliyur in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu in search of a better life. “I have been driving this auto for 20 years now. I raised my three children on money I earned from auto driving. I always encouraged them to study and I am very happy for what they achieved,” he said.

Prema added, “My father’s income was never fixed. He used to earn around Rs. 15,000 every month. We used to earn Rs. 5,000 per month during our articleship. My parents didn’t study beyond school, so they are very proud that both their children have opted for higher education.” When asked about sharing her Mantra of Success with others, she attributed the whole credit to Dedicated Hard Work. “I didn’t go to any coaching class for my entrance and chose to join coaching classes only for final exam. I received scholarship from my class, so I didn’t have to pay for them,” she said. “They found me cleverer and brighter than others. The scholarship meant that my parents didn’t have to worry about my educational expenses,” she said Her brother Dhanraj was quick to add, “I have noticed that people fail their CA exams many times.

We used to study from 7.30 am till 12 midnight. We used to rest at night. Sleep is very important when you are studying hard the whole day. If the person doesn’t rest adequately then exhaustion will hamper preparations. We used to take a single break for lunch. We used to watch TV for half an hour before going to bed,just to relax”.

With her great achievement Prema has stood as an example to lakhs of students of this county, who found hurdles at every step. Prema did not regret about her social status and went on to achieve a unique distinction. Her life shall be taken as an example by the students who complain that they are short of required facilities. Prema has shown that it is easy to overcome poverty, scarcity of resources and quality education. She continued her studies while supporting her own education.
Not just for her, she has also worked for her brother and made him to do best in the CA exams. One has to learn from her about how to prepare for the exams and how to achieve good marks. Every student has to take an inspiration from her and has to excel in their fields. Prema’s victory proves that human being is capable of  doing wonders and his/her brain is his weapon to overcome the difficulties. The only thing one has to do is to set a target and strive to achieve it. Let us learn from Prema.

Source : The Career Guide
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